Our Grooms wedding tie collection offers an 8cm wide blade slim wedding tie design. They are all available to purchase on our Anthony retail website. Our wedding ties are available in 19 assorted designs and fabrics. They include textured, patterned and plain fabrics in a wide variety of colours. We are also able to offer matching or contrasting pocket squares within our collection. We are also proud to say that all of our ties are handmade in England.

Classic Duchess satin

Duchess satin blossom pink tie

Duchess satin is widely used in wedding ties as it is often the same fabric used in lots of wedding and bridesmaid dresses. An ideal way of incorporating your wedding colour across from the girls to the boys and tying (excuse the pun!) your whole entourage together creating that perfect classic wedding group photograph. We run 38 shades of Duchess satin wedding ties.

Traditional, classic wedding ties

Ascot grey wedding tie

Ascot wedding ties are timeless, traditional and just plain old elegant! Often this fabric is selected as it matches perfectly with your waistcoat. This unassuming fabric just reeks of understated elegance whilst bringing that smart, traditional/vintage look into your outfit.

Navy spot tie

An alternative is the classic spot design tie. This design can work really well introducing an element of colour into a more traditional wedding suit look. Yet it still maintains the look of traditional understated elegance.

Lambs wool wedding ties

Burgundy lambs wool tie

Recently there has been lots of interest in woven fabrics which bring that vintage feel to your wedding. By wearing a lambs wool tie is an ideal way of achieving that more relaxed, but still formal, look on your big day. But as the fabric is finer than a traditional tweed it is not as bulky when tied. Available in a plain, fleck or window pane check design. The fact that all our lambs wool fabric is made in the UK helps with that feel good factor too.

Modern classic wedding ties

Prince of Wales check tie

So, that very traditional or relaxed lambs wool look isn't right for you. What about something traditional but with a contemporary twist? Our ranges of Prince of Wales, dog tooth and country check wedding ties could just be the look for you. These timeless designs have been well received by many of our in store Grooms and can be worn with either slim fit lounge suits and tailcoats.

Textured wedding ties

Heather ribbed tie

Our ever popular ribbed & Oxford life weave effect textured wedding ties have been a good smart, elegant part of many of our Grooms and ushers outfits. Using a texture rather than a bold colour or design can give you an understated interest into the neckline without distracting away from the rest of your wedding attire.

Paisley wedding ties

Pale pink paisley tie

This classic pattern always seems to reinvent itself on a regular basis. Within our collection we run a modern vibrant range, Come together, which uses strong bold wedding colours as well as the more traditional black, blue and silver. The Come together collection gives a fun 'pop' of colour into any wedding suit.

Floral wedding ties

Small flower silver wedding tie

Floral ties, we feel, can fall into different categories. Firstly, the delicate romantic design, such as our debris small flower collection. Using shades of colour into a small floral design can bring an interest into the neckline of a plain waistcoat without being overstated or too bright.

Red Italian floral tie

Secondly, the strong modern flower, such as our Italian floral collection. Based on a flower design but with a more masculine feel, this strong modern statement tie looks great with both slim fit lounge and tailcoat suits.

Tea rose silver tie

Thirdly, that vintage 1950's bold floral design, such as our tea rose collection. An ideal way for capturing that real vintage feel with an element of pure fun. Wearing this wedding tie makes a real statement on your big day.