The Anthony Grooms wedding cravat collection includes many of our own exclusively woven fabrics in many different colours, textures, weaves, prints and designs. Anthony formal wear fabrics are sourced within Northern Europe to keep the fabric quality second to none. All Anthony wedding cravats are handmade in England in our own exclusive design.

Can't find what you are looking for? Please contact us to discuss your own personal requirements. Don't forget you can also order matching pocket squares to complete your Grooms wedding accessories look.

How to tie cravats

As with all wedding ties there are many ways to tie a cravat. Our wedding cravats have been especially designed to try to make it as easy as possible. They are tied using the same tie knot as you old school tie! Not quite sure what we mean? Please follow our instructions below.

  1. Ensure that your cravat is facing the correct way. The pleats should be facing outward and the row of stitching towards your neck.
  2. Place the cravat around your neck ensuring that the pleats are evenly matched around the front. By doing this you should end up with one blade longer than the other.
  3. Ensuring you are holding the shorter blade in place so that is doesn't move. Take the longer blade and loosely wrap it over the top of the shorter blade until it has done one complete wrap and ends up back to where you started from.
  4. Still using the longer blade take it behind the wrap you have just made. In between your neck and the back of the wrap, push the blade through this gap as you would a regular tie.
  5. Once the blade has been pushed through tuck the pushed through end into the wrap and pull it downwards.
  6. You now have the knot tied. Take the front blade and give it a downwards tug. This will cause the knot to scrunch up. The harder the tug the smaller and tighter the knot will become.
  7. Finish in the same way as you would a regular tie. Hold the blade and slide the knot to your neck.
  8. To tidy the cravat up once you have done the above do not be afraid to push and move the fabric around. Now ensure that you cannot see your top button, this looks messy in wedding photographs.