Prince of Wales fabric

Prince of Wales fabric wedding accessories

The history behind the cloth

Prince of Wales fabric historically was called Glen Urquhart plaid or Glenquhart check named because it came from the valley or Glenquhart near the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland. Worn by workers on the estate of Countess Caroline of Seafield. After seeing the design on a hunting trip visit King Edward VII, the then Prince of Wales, fell fond of the check fabric. He wore it so much it earned the nickname 'Prince of Wales'.

Several years later the Kings grandson, the Duke of Windsor (the one who abdicated) who also had an eye for fashion, also found a love for the Scottish design. This brought the 'Prince of Wales' fabric back into fashion where it has never really left us. 

King Charles was often seen wearing this popular fabric when he was the Prince of Wales. King Charles seemed to favour the traditional pale grey with a soft blue check overlay through it.

Since becoming Prince of Wales, Prince William has been seen wearing the Prince of Wales check on several occasions. Most recently on his trip to Singapore in November 2023.

Accessorising your wedding suit

Due to is popularity, firstly by the Royals and then following their trend the 'High Society' set. This fabric looks as elegant today as it did back then. This has made it an ideal wedding  material. By wearing a Prince of Wales check you can bring the modern fashion for check or plaid fabric and combine it with the traditional element of the fabric itself. Nowadays the check tends to be a soft design rather than a larger bold one. Although initially it was often a green based check, chosen to reflect the colour of nature in the Urquhart valley. Today it is more popular in shades of soft grey with a pale blue running through the plaid.

Celebrities through the years in Prince of Wales suits

The Prince of Wales cloth has been worn by many celebrities both on and off the silver screen especially our iconic James Bond.